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In line with the inherent needs of economic development in Guangdong Province, GD Holdings through the strategic cooperation with the Dongguan Municipal Government, created a new cooperation model between government and enterprises, to develop and operate an equipment technology industrial park (the "Park") in the core area of the Dongguan GDH Yinping Cooperative Innovation Zone ("Yinping Innovation Zone") which covers the Xiegang town, with a total area of 91.04 km². The planned area of the Park is 17.4 km² and the total investment in the Park is estimated to be not less than RMB 60 billion (including investments in enterprises of the Park). The Yinping Innovation Zone will effectively integrate the tripartite resources from the enterprises, the market and the government, which can accelerate the advanced equipment manufacturing, agglomerate of the advanced equipment technology industry and modern business service industry and to achieve the upgrading and transformation of the processing tradetraditional industry, for the creation of the combination of industry and city, and a new modern innovation zone with positive interaction.

In terms of industrial park management and operation, this sector currently operates 6 industrial parks in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, with a total industrial property area of about 600,000 square meters.