Water Resources

Guangdong Water, being a large-scale integrated water group and a wholly-owned subsidiary of GD Holdings, engages in several water businesses, including raw water, water supply and sewage treatment. With the investment in more than 30 water projects in operation, Guangdong Water currently provides services to approximately 36 million population, in aggregate, in Hong Kong, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan etc, and the water processing capacity is more than 15 million tons per day. Both of the revenue and profit generated by Guangdong Water rank among the top of domestic counterparts in China.

The mission of Guangdong Water is always "to improve the water environment and supply high-quality water" and the core management concept is "water is essential for life, politics and economy". With the implementation of standardized management system which considers quality, safety and environment as a whole,and dedicates itself to meeting the needs of water industry consolidation, Guangdong Water won the trust from the government and the public with the brand of “Safe and High-Qualify Water”.